Competitors Mentorship Program!
Want to be a better CrossFit competitor?

Know exactly where your weakness are and how to attack them?

To be able to build yourself a road map to get you to the success you desire? 
This is what sets us apart.

Unlike everyone else, we aren’t going to give you a load of programming and mindset “hacks” to perform better.

We do things differently.

See -

We don’t just tell you what to do.

We coach you on how to do it.

We mentor, guide and push you to transform from the person you are now, into the competitive athlete you need to become in order for you to reach that goal you are chasing.

We will expose your weaknesses and tell you where and how to improve. 
What You Will Get!
  •   5 Training Sessions: These sessions will be on Saturdays from 0800 till 0930. The biggest element that will benefit you is training with people who will push you and compete with you to help you become the best version of yourself! 
  •  1 Mock Competition: This will fall on the last Saturday of the 6 weeks to test everything you have learnt and to test yourself! 
  •  Weekly Reports: These will be sent to you weekly based on your performance each week with where and HOW you need to improve 
  •  2 Extra Personal Tailored Sessions: These will be based on your report to assist with building your road map to get yourself on the winning track! 
  •   1x 30 Minute Private session: Milo ,Head Coach of Reebok CrossFit Thames, who will be leading the course to help you build on your skills and technique.
  •   2 Sit Down sessions: Head Coach Milo will go over making a plan for future development and help you build your road map! 
When you’re growing as an athlete, everyone is trying to get you to buy into the latest hack or trick. You can’t be a genuine competitive athlete by using a “hack”. You need to know exactly where your weaknesses are and how to fix them.

Chances are, that’s not the person you are now.

But in this 6 week mentorship program, we help you uncover yourself and become a competitive athlete capable of creating an impact on the competition floor.

You must have these three things.



A growth-oriented mindset.

I’m not saying this to be cute.

This will ONLY work for you if you’re committed to growing and becoming better.

And this will ONLY work for you if you actually want to become a better and more competitive athlete.

Don’t apply to join this program if you aren’t a driven, committed, and growth-oriented person.
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